When a Friend Gets Married…..

Last weekend I had a short trip to Florence. A good friend of mine was getting married and no way I would have missed her wedding. I had never been to an Italian wedding before and was super excited about the whole trip. Read more: http://www.styleblogn.com/lookbook-2/when-a-friend-gets-married/


Future Fashion

Lately I am in futuristic mood. Last week in the library I came across this interesting book by Bradley Quinn “Fashion Futures”. The author outlines the latest developments in technology and fashion that will revolutionize the fashion industry in the future.

I was reading and couldn’t believe that the time will come we will have all these amazing innovation in fashion. Intelligent and interactive clothing, with fully integrated computers, high-tech fabrics that self-repair, change colors and patterns in response to the wearer’s emotions, thicken and slim down in response to the weather conditions. It seems impossible, doesn’t it ? However, a lot of research and work has already been done and still continues in this field. In this post I have selected some works of the pioneers of the field: the designers who dedicate their careers in creating technologically sophisticated and sustainable garments of the future.

Wearable Solar Dress by Pauline van Dongen. The dress has 72 solar cells which can be released during the sun shine and hided when they aren’t needed.  If worn 1 hour in a sun, it can charge a standard smartphone in 50%.


Photography: Mike Nicolaassen; Hair & Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek; Model: Julia J. @ Fresh Model Management; Source: http://www.paulinevandongen.nl

Escapism by Iris van Herpen. The designer uses 3D printing technology to design and produce her collections.

Photography: Petrovski & Ramone; Hair : Bianca van Zwieten @ Angelique Hoorn; Make-up: kathinka gernant @House of Orange; Model: Soekarsie @ Salva models; Source: http://www.irisvanherpen.com

Spike Jacket by Nancy Tilbury has integrated soft technology system that senses when people come too close to the wearer. The jacket responses by intense flashing indirectly telling the persons to back off.

SKIN Bubelle Dress is designed as a part of Philips Design Probes. It is surrounded by bubble-shape illumination that changes in response to wearer’s emotional state.

Air-conditioned jacket by Japanese manufacturer Kuchofuku.

I am very excited about all these innovations and I hope we can enjoy most of them or even all of them in our lifetime 🙂


Classic or Casual? The one with the Fuchsia Shorts

1 30
shorts: Zara; tops: H&M; shoes: Mango; sandals: DKNY; sun glasses: SIX, necklace is from a small boutique in Antwerp

I have been wearing these shorts the whole weekend and still can’t get enough of them. I love the color! Plus they are so comfortable and look great both as a part of casual and classic outfit.
Initially I was planning to publish only one of the looks, but I had troubles choosing which one. Eventually I published both. Which look is your favorite? 😉



Blueprint Denim Fair in Amsterdam

Last week for four days Amsterdam turned into the denim capital of the world. World famous denim brands, field innovators, novice and just denim lovers gathered together to celebrate the first edition of Amsterdam Denim Days. A number of interesting and inspiring events were organized all over the city from 7-10 of May.
Of course, I could not miss such an opportunity to look inside of the denim kitchen and get to know the latest innovations in the field 🙂 Hereby I share with you the pictures from the Blueprint denim fair.

It was a fun afternoon with lots of denim around 😉 including denim toys, mobile cases and a DENIM CACTUS! 🙂  There were many interesting things to see and to do, but three things caught my attention in particular.
I really loved the idea of custom painted jeans by Jeanim Hengelmole. Not long ago I was thinking that it would be interesting to  paint on jeans. When I saw the artist painting shapes on jeans, I could not stop watching his work. It’s a very good idea if you want to freshen up your summer jeans 🙂
Another thing I really liked was the customized jeans pieces by Pepe Jeans London. With a special laser, just within a couple of seconds, you could get a beautiful picture on your jeans. Unfortunately I did not have any jeans items with me except my trousers (which obviously I could not take off  for customization 🙂 ), so I got a customized jeans piece in the form of a trouser pocket as a souvenir.
I completed my denim afternoon with a relaxing Underwater live concert organized by Tavex denim manufacturer -which, by the way- due to its revolutionary technology reduces about 12 liters of water consumption during the dyeing process per garment!
I will finish my story in this very environmental friendly note and let you enjoy the pictures. 🙂

The one with the Polka Dots

My top is by H&M, combined with  jeans by Levi’s and silver color shoes by Mango. I have accessorized the outfit with an orange bracelet by Mango, white-metallic bracelets by I-am and sunglasses by SIX. The necklace was a preset from my mom. 

This top with polka dots is definitely one of my favorites of the spring-summer. It looks nice both with skirts and trousers. It goes well with bright summer colors and is perfect as a part of casual or office outfit. In my head I already have many interesting combinations with it.  So, don’t be surprised if you see more of my looks with this top 😉


The one with the Yellow Top

I’m wearing a yellow H&M top over a grey dress by H&M, teamed with a black bag by Parfois and sunglasses by Mango.

Initially I was planning to combine this yellow top with a black dress. Somehow the image of yellow and black was so strong in my head,  that I was not even thinking of other possibilities. When I came  accross this grey dress in the store, my first thought was: ” It’s so pity it is not black”. The dress was exactly the style I was looking for, just in grey. After a short doubt, I decided to give it a try.
Now looking at this yellow and grey combination I am happy I didn’t find a black dress 😉


Trash-To-Treasure – stories in a store

Hi everyone,

My today’s post is about Trash-To-Treasure – a store with stories.
I came across Trash-To-Treasure during the Fashion Day at New Babylon in The Hague, where it was hosted as a pop up boutique.
The store caught my attention because of a very interesting concept behind it. Each item in the store has a story tag that tells shortly its background! Cool, isn’t it?!
I liked so much the idea that I decided to visit the store in Amsterdam and check it out myself.
Trash-To-Treasure is a second hand store, where you can get not only a unique item for reasonable price, but also learn about its story!
Another good thing is that you can be both a buyer and a seller. If you have a unique clothing item in good condition and want to sell it, write down its story and contact Trash-To-Treasure staff. Together with them you can agree on further details.
The store has also a web-shop, where you can buy items from web-wardrobes of those whose style you like the most.

In the end I would like to thank the friendly staff of the store for showing me around and allowing me to take pictures.