Blueprint Denim Fair in Amsterdam

Last week for four days Amsterdam turned into the denim capital of the world. World famous denim brands, field innovators, novice and just denim lovers gathered together to celebrate the first edition of Amsterdam Denim Days. A number of interesting and inspiring events were organized all over the city from 7-10 of May.
Of course, I could not miss such an opportunity to look inside of the denim kitchen and get to know the latest innovations in the field 🙂 Hereby I share with you the pictures from the Blueprint denim fair.

It was a fun afternoon with lots of denim around 😉 including denim toys, mobile cases and a DENIM CACTUS! 🙂  There were many interesting things to see and to do, but three things caught my attention in particular.
I really loved the idea of custom painted jeans by Jeanim Hengelmole. Not long ago I was thinking that it would be interesting to  paint on jeans. When I saw the artist painting shapes on jeans, I could not stop watching his work. It’s a very good idea if you want to freshen up your summer jeans 🙂
Another thing I really liked was the customized jeans pieces by Pepe Jeans London. With a special laser, just within a couple of seconds, you could get a beautiful picture on your jeans. Unfortunately I did not have any jeans items with me except my trousers (which obviously I could not take off  for customization 🙂 ), so I got a customized jeans piece in the form of a trouser pocket as a souvenir.
I completed my denim afternoon with a relaxing Underwater live concert organized by Tavex denim manufacturer -which, by the way- due to its revolutionary technology reduces about 12 liters of water consumption during the dyeing process per garment!
I will finish my story in this very environmental friendly note and let you enjoy the pictures. 🙂