Classic or Casual? The one with the Fuchsia Shorts

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shorts: Zara; tops: H&M; shoes: Mango; sandals: DKNY; sun glasses: SIX, necklace is from a small boutique in Antwerp

I have been wearing these shorts the whole weekend and still can’t get enough of them. I love the color! Plus they are so comfortable and look great both as a part of casual and classic outfit.
Initially I was planning to publish only one of the looks, but I had troubles choosing which one. Eventually I published both. Which look is your favorite? 😉




The one with the Polka Dots

My top is by H&M, combined with  jeans by Levi’s and silver color shoes by Mango. I have accessorized the outfit with an orange bracelet by Mango, white-metallic bracelets by I-am and sunglasses by SIX. The necklace was a preset from my mom. 

This top with polka dots is definitely one of my favorites of the spring-summer. It looks nice both with skirts and trousers. It goes well with bright summer colors and is perfect as a part of casual or office outfit. In my head I already have many interesting combinations with it.  So, don’t be surprised if you see more of my looks with this top 😉


The one with the Yellow Top

I’m wearing a yellow H&M top over a grey dress by H&M, teamed with a black bag by Parfois and sunglasses by Mango.

Initially I was planning to combine this yellow top with a black dress. Somehow the image of yellow and black was so strong in my head,  that I was not even thinking of other possibilities. When I came  accross this grey dress in the store, my first thought was: ” It’s so pity it is not black”. The dress was exactly the style I was looking for, just in grey. After a short doubt, I decided to give it a try.
Now looking at this yellow and grey combination I am happy I didn’t find a black dress 😉


The one with The Cat

Hi everyone,
Since many of you liked the outfit of my profile picture, I am sharing with you some close-up photos of it. The photos were made in Spain where I spent two amazing weeks of my summer holidays. This outfit was one of my favorites for that trip: very comfortable and yet stylish 😉
T-shirt, shorts & glasses: MANGO; hat: from a small shop  in Spain; shoes: GEOX


The one with “Pearls” à la Chanel


Big pearl bijoux are one of the highlights of Chanel S/S 2014 ready-to-wear collection. Guess what I have found in ZARA a few days ago? 😉 Yes, big pearl bijoux! Only 17 euro and my à la Chanel look is ready 😉

The first one

In this sunny spring day I was really in a mood of some bright colorful.…… SCARVES! 😉