Style like a fingerprint!


by Niki Kefala

Naira is a girl who loves fashion and that’s why at the moment she works in one of the biggest fashion warehouses in The Netherlands. Check out her style and her blog and find out why our clothes make us so unique. Thank you for the interview Naira!

 First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

I am Naira. I was born and raised in Armenia. In 2009 a studying opportunity brought me to The Netherlands. At that time I did not know that the decision to study in The Netherlands would become one of the most crucial decisions in my life. While studying I met my husband. Shortly after, we married and I moved to The Netherlands. Currently we live in The Hague and have a lovely daughter. At the moment I work in one of the biggest fashion warehouses in The Netherlands. In my…

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A Dress From Hair!

If you have recently passed by deBijenkorf in The Hague, you, most probably, noticed this dress. It is not possible to pass by  and not to stop to check it out 😉 It is a commercial of Balmain hair styling products. Can’t say anything about the products, but the dress is lovely! It is made from a mix of real and artificial hair!  As I was told the upper part consists of real hair, the skirt is made from artificial ones. Cool, isn’t it?  😉


Hi guys,
I am just back from Tony Cohen fall/winter fashion show presented within Amsterdam Fashion Week. Earlier today I attended also “God Created Fashion” downtown event, where young designers were presenting their creations. Will post some pictures and information soon 😉