D.I.Y. Designer Belt in 5 Steps!

Last Saturday during the Fashion Afternoon with designer Catta Donkersloot, I learned how to make an eye-catching belt.
I am happily sharing with you Catta’s tutorial.

For this project you will need:

  • Jersey fabric (1,5 meter). We have chosen fabrics of three different colors to make a three-colored belt, but one or two-colors are also an option.
  • Marker/pencil
  • Liner 
  • Scissors

Step 1:  Draw a line of 3 sm width on each piece of the fabric. Use a liner for more accuracy.

Step 2: Cut the fabrics according to the line. You will have three 1,5 meter long pieces.

Step 3: Join the three pieces with a knot at one end.

Step 4: Make a rope using basic braiding technique.p
               TIP: If you have a sewing machine, place one end of the rope under the presser foot to make the braiding easier and neater.

Step 5: Make a knot in the end of the rope. That’s it! Your unique designer belt is READY! 

The shorter version of the belt is possible to use as a hair decoration too! 🙂

Thank you Catta for this nice tutorial!





Card-Suit T-shirt designed by….me!

One of the most fun activities during the Fashion Day at New Babylon was the initiation of fashion designer Catta Donkersloot. She came up with a nice idea for a D.I.Y. project. The aim was to  design your own T-shirt.
As you can see my T-shirt was inspired by card-suits 😉  After half an hour of “struggling”, my card-suit T-shirt was ready!
Cool, isn’t it? 😉

D.I.Y. Tie-Knot On Your Coat

Hi everyone,

A few days ago on the internet I came across a tutorial on how to tie a tie. As I do not wear ties 🙂 that post did not catch my attention until yesterday, when I put on my coat. While I was thinking what to do with the belt which was hanging on the sides, an idea came to mind: why not to try to tie the belt like a tie-knot? Here is the result 😉

So, if you do not know what to do with the belt that always hangs on the sides of your coat, try out a tie-knot 😉



D.I.Y. “Tuned” Dress

On Saturday I was invited to a dinner-party. As dutch people usually do not dress up much, in order not to be the “overdressed” one, I was planning to wear something simple (jeans with a blouse). Only on Saturday morning I discovered that we need to put on something more than a simple jeans. As I was not in a mood of a little black dress and did not have much time to go to the shops, I decided to improvise 😉
Here is the result: a simple H&M dress was “tuned” into a fancy dress only by adding a fabric flower (luckily I had one with the matching colors). Tights with small polka dots and heels made the look complete 😉