Trash-To-Treasure – stories in a store

Hi everyone,

My today’s post is about Trash-To-Treasure – a store with stories.
I came across Trash-To-Treasure during the Fashion Day at New Babylon in The Hague, where it was hosted as a pop up boutique.
The store caught my attention because of a very interesting concept behind it. Each item in the store has a story tag that tells shortly its background! Cool, isn’t it?!
I liked so much the idea that I decided to visit the store in Amsterdam and check it out myself.
Trash-To-Treasure is a second hand store, where you can get not only a unique item for reasonable price, but also learn about its story!
Another good thing is that you can be both a buyer and a seller. If you have a unique clothing item in good condition and want to sell it, write down its story and contact Trash-To-Treasure staff. Together with them you can agree on further details.
The store has also a web-shop, where you can buy items from web-wardrobes of those whose style you like the most.

In the end I would like to thank the friendly staff of the store for showing me around and allowing me to take pictures.



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