Future Fashion

Lately I am in futuristic mood. Last week in the library I came across this interesting book by Bradley Quinn “Fashion Futures”. The author outlines the latest developments in technology and fashion that will revolutionize the fashion industry in the future.

I was reading and couldn’t believe that the time will come we will have all these amazing innovation in fashion. Intelligent and interactive clothing, with fully integrated computers, high-tech fabrics that self-repair, change colors and patterns in response to the wearer’s emotions, thicken and slim down in response to the weather conditions. It seems impossible, doesn’t it ? However, a lot of research and work has already been done and still continues in this field. In this post I have selected some works of the pioneers of the field: the designers who dedicate their careers in creating technologically sophisticated and sustainable garments of the future.

Wearable Solar Dress by Pauline van Dongen. The dress has 72 solar cells which can be released during the sun shine and hided when they aren’t needed.  If worn 1 hour in a sun, it can charge a standard smartphone in 50%.


Photography: Mike Nicolaassen; Hair & Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek; Model: Julia J. @ Fresh Model Management; Source: http://www.paulinevandongen.nl

Escapism by Iris van Herpen. The designer uses 3D printing technology to design and produce her collections.

Photography: Petrovski & Ramone; Hair : Bianca van Zwieten @ Angelique Hoorn; Make-up: kathinka gernant @House of Orange; Model: Soekarsie @ Salva models; Source: http://www.irisvanherpen.com

Spike Jacket by Nancy Tilbury has integrated soft technology system that senses when people come too close to the wearer. The jacket responses by intense flashing indirectly telling the persons to back off.

SKIN Bubelle Dress is designed as a part of Philips Design Probes. It is surrounded by bubble-shape illumination that changes in response to wearer’s emotional state.

Air-conditioned jacket by Japanese manufacturer Kuchofuku.

I am very excited about all these innovations and I hope we can enjoy most of them or even all of them in our lifetime 🙂