The one with the Polka Dots

My top is by H&M, combined with  jeans by Levi’s and silver color shoes by Mango. I have accessorized the outfit with an orange bracelet by Mango, white-metallic bracelets by I-am and sunglasses by SIX. The necklace was a preset from my mom. 

This top with polka dots is definitely one of my favorites of the spring-summer. It looks nice both with skirts and trousers. It goes well with bright summer colors and is perfect as a part of casual or office outfit. In my head I already have many interesting combinations with it.  So, don’t be surprised if you see more of my looks with this top 😉



5 thoughts on “The one with the Polka Dots

    • Thanks for your question!
      Yellow jacket with polka dots will go very well!! Especially when the dots are small.
      In general with polka dots bright colors look great.
      But you have to be careful with big polka dots (like on my top). Since the dots are already very noticeable, if you combine it with bright color jacket it might look too much. Instead, I would have combined big dots with yellow (or any other bright color) skirt or trousers.

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