Future Fashion

Lately I am in futuristic mood. Last week in the library I came across this interesting book by Bradley Quinn “Fashion Futures”. The author outlines the latest developments in technology and fashion that will revolutionize the fashion industry in the future.

I was reading and couldn’t believe that the time will come we will have all these amazing innovation in fashion. Intelligent and interactive clothing, with fully integrated computers, high-tech fabrics that self-repair, change colors and patterns in response to the wearer’s emotions, thicken and slim down in response to the weather conditions. It seems impossible, doesn’t it ? However, a lot of research and work has already been done and still continues in this field. In this post I have selected some works of the pioneers of the field: the designers who dedicate their careers in creating technologically sophisticated and sustainable garments of the future.

Wearable Solar Dress by Pauline van Dongen. The dress has 72 solar cells which can be released during the sun shine and hided when they aren’t needed.  If worn 1 hour in a sun, it can charge a standard smartphone in 50%.


Photography: Mike Nicolaassen; Hair & Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek; Model: Julia J. @ Fresh Model Management; Source: http://www.paulinevandongen.nl

Escapism by Iris van Herpen. The designer uses 3D printing technology to design and produce her collections.

Photography: Petrovski & Ramone; Hair : Bianca van Zwieten @ Angelique Hoorn; Make-up: kathinka gernant @House of Orange; Model: Soekarsie @ Salva models; Source: http://www.irisvanherpen.com

Spike Jacket by Nancy Tilbury has integrated soft technology system that senses when people come too close to the wearer. The jacket responses by intense flashing indirectly telling the persons to back off.

SKIN Bubelle Dress is designed as a part of Philips Design Probes. It is surrounded by bubble-shape illumination that changes in response to wearer’s emotional state.

Air-conditioned jacket by Japanese manufacturer Kuchofuku.

I am very excited about all these innovations and I hope we can enjoy most of them or even all of them in our lifetime 🙂



Fashion Afternoon with Catta Donkersloot

Continuing my interviews with young and talented designers, I would like to present to you a Dutch fashion designer Catta Donkersloot and her label Imoto-chan.

Last Saturday I was hosted at Catta’s shop-studio in Amsterdam, where Catta, together with assistants, make high quality and affordable designs for women, babies and children.

Influenced by Japanese culture, Catta creates very feminine, unique and long-lasting collections.

The minimalistic style and modest colours combined with eye-catching prints, fabrics or finishing techniques make each piece an interesting work of art.

The exotic name of the label has Japanese origins too and translates as little sister.

Here are some of Catta’s designs. Enjoy 😉

You can find Catta’s collections both online and in the stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Leiden (since 2 May). For more information check: http://www.imoto-chan.com

In my next post I will share with you an interesting D.I.Y. from Catta. Stay in touch! 😉

The S.H.O.E.S. in Rotterdam Kunsthal

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
   Marilyn Monroe

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ZARA Spring-Summer 2014

As I am spending quite some time in clothing stores and, probably,  know the collections  as good as the shop assistants working there 🙂 ,  I have decided to make reviews on  collections from different stores.
Earlier in January I wrote about H&M’s new collection.
Today I would like to introduce my favorites from ZARA‘s S/S 2014 collection. To be honest, I was not a big fan of ZARA before. However, already the second season  ZARA surprises me with its nice  collections.  I was quite happy with the fall-winter 2013-14 collection. But this spring-summer collection is  just amazing! So many bright colors and stylish shapes! Honestly,  I had a hard time choosing the pieces for this post. Even with the most critical selection,  I  still ended up with 16 pieces! 😉


The one with “Pearls” à la Chanel


Big pearl bijoux are one of the highlights of Chanel S/S 2014 ready-to-wear collection. Guess what I have found in ZARA a few days ago? 😉 Yes, big pearl bijoux! Only 17 euro and my à la Chanel look is ready 😉

The Art of Abstraction: Interview with a Menswear Designer Kim Bakker

A few days ago I had an interview with a young and talented Dutch menswear designer – Kim Bakker. Hereby I am happy to share with you her story and her designs.

In 2005 Kim graduated cum laude from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Her collection received the AMFI prize for the best graduate collection of the year. After graduation, she started working as a menswear designer for a number of brands. However, soon she realized that while designing for a brand that already had its signature style, she was missing her own style. The wish to be faithful to her own style drove Kim towards launching her own label.
In 2007 a new menswear label NŌN by KIM was founded.

“It is very difficult to start your own label. Besides being a designer you should have also entrepreneurial skills to manage and organize the whole processes from the idea to the final result.”  Kim Bakker

In her designs Kim challenges the traditional patterns and seeks new ways to interpret the existing shapes. Driven by abstract concepts, she starts researching certain shaping principles and their background, later successfully incorporating them into men’s garments.        
Kim’s signature style is minimalistic silhouettes free from unnecessary details and modest colors.
In addition to designing sober looks, Kim also cares about the sustainability aspect of the label. NŌN by KIM collections are being produced in factories in Portugal. Kim regularly checks the factory workers’ working conditions. Her collections are made from, among others, organic cotton, recycled wool/cashmere, left over stock fabrics and recycled polyester.
Kim periodically presents her collection during different fashion events. In January 2014 NŌN by KIM F/W 14/15 collection “Zero” was presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam.

Here are some looks from NŌN by KIM F/W 14/15 collection “Zero” (photos are made by Peter Stigter). Enjoy 😉


Christian Dior Ready-To-Wear Autumn/Winter 2014-15

Hi everyone,

Here is the selection of looks presented today at Christian Dior Ready-To-Wear A/W 2014-15 fashion show.  The collection was based on sportswear motives combined with masculine tailoring and asymmetric shapes.
What made me really happy about the collection is  the vibrant color palette. I love the usage of color contrast! It brightens up the gloomy autumn palette, “transferring” the warmth of summer into autumn  😉
The complete collection you can check here.
Enjoy 😉



Opening Show, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

Yesterday evening Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam has officially started! MATTIJS van Bergen received the honor to open the Fashion Week with a beautiful fashion show.
It was an amazing evening! It seemed as if multiple catwalk shows were taking place at the same time. Interesting looks were everywhere – in the showroom, among guests – everywhere!!! Everyone was dressed very special, interesting and sometimes even extravagant 😉 Here are some pictures from the evening:


The video from the Fashion show and interview with Mattijs van Bergen (in Dutch) you can check here. Enjoy 😉