Like to Shop? Shop Economically

Hi shopping fans 🙂

As most of us usually have limited budget for shopping and still want to look stylish and fashionable, I decided to share with you some tips I follow in order not to shop myself to bankrupt 😉

  • First of all I try to buy clothes/accessories on sales . If I buy something for full price and afterwards I see it on 50% sale, I will feel a bit depressed 🙂
  • On sales I usually buy things that are always in fashion. For example, classical clothes/accessories. Classic is always in fashion 😉 
  • Before buying a garment (especially the expensive one), I always reflect if it’s really worth that price. Its well-known that most of the time we overpay for the brand. Besides, I think how often I will wear it and whether I already have some matching clothes/accessories with it.  It will not make sense if I buy something for 100 euro and then spend another 200 euro to get some extra things, because I do not have anything matching with my new purchase;
  • I don’t spent too much money on something that is in fashion only that season. For example, if electric green color is in fashion, I might get one not expensive garment or some accessories of that color. With that I will still look fashionable without spending my whole budget 🙂
  • And last but not least, in contrary to “one-season” colors or styles, I try to invest some money in everyday outfits (especially shoes and bags). If I buy a cheap (which is not always, but most of the time accompanied with poor quality) black shoes and use it almost everyday, in best case scenario it might last me one season. So next season, instead of buying shoes of other color ( fashionable electric green 😉 ), I will end up buying again black shoes. In the end I will spend more money on black shoes, then if I paid a bit more and bought better quality ones.

I guess I am done with my tips.  I hope you find them useful 🙂

I wish you all a nice shopping day!

And keep checking my blog, I will post some interesting news from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam soon 😉




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